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Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture Team up for a 'Velvety' Mayo-Themed Tracksuit

Business Insider | November 4, 2022

Juicy Couture is dropping a unique version of its famous tracksuit as an ode to mayonnaise.

The fashion brand's collaboration with Kraft Real Mayo — dubbed "Mayo Couture" — is now available for purchase. On Tuesday, photos posted to Instagram featured the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuit with a "smooth" twist. The ultimate "Y2K" style blue jacket, pants, and white tube top are sold as a set on the Mayo Couture website for $162 including shipping.

Both companies promoted the partnership on Instagram, but Juicy Couture followers were confused by the pairing. "Y'all doing everything but bringing the old tracksuits back huh," one commenter wrote.

Others, however, were excited by the quirky collaboration. Some even requested mustard or ranch tracksuits."So ridiculous I'd wear it," another wrote. According to the official Mayo Couture site, this outfit is all about smoothness.

"The two biggest lovers of velvety smooth, Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture, have come together for the most velvety smooth collaboration yet," the description read.

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