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Kids’ Newest Favorite ‘Nugget’ Isn’t Edible

National Retail Federation | December 10, 2020

This year could make anyone want to hide in a fort and not come out. For those who were able to snag a Nugget couch, they can. Foam blocks wrapped in micro suede fabric come together as a couch or can be pulled apart for fort-building and creative activities.

Increasing in popularity for the past few years, when the country shut down due to the pandemic, the company couldn’t keep up with demand in a buying frenzy. During an August restock, over 100,000 people went to Nugget’s website for one of the 40,000 available products.

The company developed the “Nug Lotto” to help with the scarcity of their product. Names will be drawn each week from October 23 to December 11: 60,000 Nuggets are expected to be sent out by Christmas to the lucky winners of the lottery.

The gamification only increased people’s longing. The current back order won't ship out until April 2021.

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