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Instagram Checkout: Easier Target Shopping is Just a Few Taps Away

A Bullseye View | May 21, 2020

Target is the first mass retailer to make its products available through Instagram Checkout.

Today more than ever, shopping must be as easy as possible. When Instagram guests find something they need at Target, it is now just a few taps.

Setting up a virtual store, Instagram collaborated with Target Tech for guests to seamlessly make a purchase through their Instagram Checkout. Products are tagged in posts by @Target and @TargetStyle From there, guests can tap on a product, modify (like choose a color or size, if applicable) and check out—all without leaving Instagram. For their first purchase, guests will need to enter shipping and payment info at checkout. And after that first purchase, guests can complete the entire process with just two clicks.

“More and more guests are searching for digital shopping options, and we’re continuing to invest in experiences that allow them to get what they need from Target whenever, wherever and however they want,” says Dawn Block, senior vice president, digital.

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