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Inside Target’s Plans to Spend More Than $2 Billion with Black-Owned Businesses by 2025

A Bullseye View | April 7, 2021

Today, Target announces a commitment to spend more than $2 billion with Black-owned businesses by the end of 2025. It will help create more equitable experiences for Black guests, and use the company’s size, scale and resources to create economic opportunity for Black-owned businesses that extends outside of Target.

The plans include:

  • Increasing the number of products from Black-owned businesses to more than 500 across Target stores and online

  • Spending more with Black-owned companies including marketing agencies, construction companies, facilities maintenance providers and others

  • Establishing new resources, including Forward Founders, a program designed to engage with Black entrepreneurs early in their startup journey and help them grow and scale their businesses in mass retail

“We have a rich history of working with diverse businesses, but there’s more we can do to spark change across the retail industry, support the Black community and ensure Black guests feel welcomed and represented when they shop at Target,” says Christina Hennington, executive vice president and chief growth officer.

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