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Ikea to Open Its First Second-Hand Shop

RIS News | September 14, 2020

Ikea has announced it will open its first second-hand Ikea store in Stockholm, Sweden.

The second-hand store will be supplied with IKEA products that have been repaired and restored, and will cost consumers a fraction of the price.

The second-hand store, is a step in IKEA's goals around sustainability. Within 10 years, all IKEA products will be renewable and made from recycled materials, at the same time it will be easier for customers to prolong the life of their furniture and products.

“At IKEA we don’t want to merely be a part of the sustainability movement – we want to lead it. If we want to reach our sustainability goals, we have to challenge ourselves and test our ideas. The climate crisis cannot be solved in theory, it has to be solved in practice,” said Jonas Carlehed, sustainability manager IKEA Retail Sweden.

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