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Ikea Eliminates Production of Catalog After 70 Years

Retail Dive | December 7, 2020

After 70 years, Ikea will end the production of its catalog, both print and digital, the company announced Monday. The move is part of an ongoing effort from Ikea to become more digital and accessible, and the company said it can better serve its customers through different channels, according to a press release.

Since Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad, produced it himself in 1951, the Swedish furniture retailer has grown its iconic catalog to serve "billions of people across the world." But as shopping and browsing for goods online has become increasingly popular, the retailer is seeking out alternatives.

The move away from Ikea's traditional catalogs and toward more digital channels has been in the works for years. Last year, the retailer began testing out an app that included shoppable content, product reviews, easier searching and browsing, and integrated AR functionality. Ikea this past June also introduced a new platform called aimed at helping consumers digitally reimagine and design their homes. In April, the retailer's parent company Ingka Group acquired Geomagical Labs, a 3D and visual AI tech company. And those digital investments appear to be paying off. Ikea said its online retail sales increased some 45% worldwide this year.

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