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IKEA and H&M on Keeping up with Sustainability during a Global Pandemic

National Retail Federation | January 20,2021

Abigail Kammerzell, U.S. sustainability manager for H&M, and Jennifer Keesson, U.S. sustainability manager for IKEA discuss sustainability actions amidst the pandemic.

During the pandemic, more people are spending time at home. For one thing, they’re trying to find multifunctional uses for what’s already there: letting a dining table also serve as a desk, for example.

“We regard sustainability as key to recovery from the pandemic,” Kammerzell said.

As part of this effort, IKEA launched a “turn Black Friday Green” campaign during the past holiday season. “Rather than promoting a sale,” Keesson said, “we promoted things to do with furniture you already have.”

Kammerzell noted: Rather than allowing discarded garments to end up in a landfill, they are passed on through the growing secondhand market or refashioned into something else. H&M encourages this with in-store drop-off bins, through education, and by being very honest with customers.

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