How to Deliver Incredible CX for Retail Customers During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Retail Dive | April 7, 2020

Now more than ever, a consistent, delightful customer experience is crucial for maintaining customer loyalty in the retail sector. Here are four ways technology can help your brand navigate a rapidly changing marketplace, stay nimble, and address shifting customer needs.

1. Redefine customer engagement

It is crucial for brands and retailers to redefine how they will engage digitally with their customers. That might mean optimizing websites with self-service tools in order to reduce call center volume or introducing more chat, messaging, and conversation bots to deliver high-quality, consistent CX to reach and maintain their most valued shoppers.

2. Optimize your website for self-service

Customer self-service tools like dynamic search, conversational chat bots, and virtual assistants augment CX and reduce pressure on call centers. These tools not only allow customers to resolve questions quickly and easily on their own, but they also help rout customers toward an agent or a sale at exactly the right moment.

3. Personalize the shopping experience

The more retail platforms and customer service agents are empowered to save and recall details like repeat orders and customer information, the better a brand's CX will be. Integrate bots that recognize who your customers are, including their past order history, to help customers quickly and painlessly place orders for delivery.

4. Empower your work-from-home call center agents

Cloud-based tools like omni-channel customer engagement and dynamic search for agents reduce friction for customers and improve customer satisfaction across the board. They also ensure customer service agents are providing up-to-the-minute answers during a time of crisis, winning you customer loyalty and lowering the amount of stress your hard-working employees must shoulder at a difficult time.

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