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How TikTok Creates a Space for Community Commerce

National Retail Federation | June 22, 2021

Join the discussion around TikTok and the community commerce that brands and consumers cannot resist. The bite size videos allow anyone to be a creator, just as authentically, you. NRF discusses with Matt Cleary, TikTok’s vertical director for retail and restaurants. Cleary points brands to get involved.

Brands and discussions around products are already out there, having awareness and leaning into the discussions about your product and brand optimizes the opportunity provided. TikTok allows communities to develop, where no one has to be an expert to join. The multi-generational platform reaches for user's interests rather than their social circles giving it a strong competitive advantage for brands to join in the conversations. The interest-driven content allows discoverability for users, which we all craved over the last year.

Brands that are succeeding include #tiktokmademebuyit trends from Aerie, Kate Spade and McDonald's. All these brands highlighted novelty, best selling products and genuinely connected with communities that are having these discussions. From Aerie's sold out leggings getting all the rave to McDonald's celebrity meals, the 30-60 second immersive content provides an opportunity to garner a brand's creativity to connect and respond. At the same time, Cleary encourages "letting go" and allowing the community lead these conversations.

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