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How Retail Brands Are Capitalizing On Growing Activewear Demand Through Innovation

Forbes | September 29, 2020

Even during the pandemic, activewear sales have been on the rise. Athleta, Lululemon, Puma, and Adidas are seeing sales growth in the most recent quarter. But with the uptick in sales comes increased competition—and as such, brands in this space are looking for ways to differentiate their products. 

Sustainable fabrics have been a common area of innovation in the activewear space. Janji is experimenting with new material blends—including ones infused with volcanic ash. Several of their newest eco-friendly activewear products give odor-control and thermoregulation.

Brands like WearableX are turning to technology integrations to give their activewear products a unique edge. Embedded sensors allow wearers to get haptic guidance while doing activities. Vibrations, produced through accelerometers and audio that are built right into the garments, help wearers improve their movements and form.

There’s also Elastique Athletics, which has positioned itself as “wellness-wear” and “activewear meets skincare”. Their activewear offers a non-invasive, non-toxic wellness solution with activewear lined with strategically placed MicroPerle beads that work to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

As demand and interest for activewear continues, continued innovation and a focus on sustainability will help activewear brands pull ahead.

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