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How Luxury Brands are Embracing Digital Experiences in China

National Retail Federation | January 14, 2021

Digital shopping is a necessity more than ever. One that expands well into luxury — especially in China. It includes features like games, personalization and livestreaming. Moschino and Alibaba Group are global leaders and Tmall also recently launched Luxury Soho, an online outlet for Gen Z shoppers with interactive features including augmented reality and digital magazines.

“Brands are really fantastic at creating content, creating digital innovation and creating collections,” Fontana said. “With Tmall Luxury Pavilion, we have created a platform that allows the brands to maximize their presence, and entertain, engage and build loyalty.

Overall, of the more than 200 luxury brands took part in Alibaba’s most recent 11-11 Global Shopping Festival. There were exclusive capsule collections, introductions of items available for the first time ever in China, and more than 100,000 short videos shared by 1.5 billion people in China. “It’s about finding a new way to make shopping fun,” Fontana said.

She expects digitization to continue in the coming year, but for it to expand beyond selling online into digitizing, for example, the supply chain, logistics and merchandising for increased efficiency.

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