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How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Build Authenticity

National Retail Federation | January 29, 2021

Lately consumers have been finding much needed stability, consistency and guidance from who they follow on social media. Influencers have been providing consumers direction — and savvy brands are making connections.

Lauren Sherman, chief correspondent with Business of Fashion explores past lessons and future opportunities with Jennifer Powell, CEO and founder of talent agency Jennifer Powell Inc., and Jarno Vanhatapio, CEO of Swedish online direct-to-consumer retailer NA-KD.

NA-KD, one of Europe’s top 20 fastest growing companies, ships to more than 180 countries and was on track to do revenue of $222 million last year. Vanhatapio has worked with influencers since 2003 — back to when they were simply “bloggers”.

Bloggers were invited to come along to fashion fairs and cover the selections made. He saw, even then, that “curated raw content” resonated better with consumers, especially when the bloggers were free to put their own spin on what they experienced.

“Expanding your idea of what an influencer is, is so important,” Sherman said. “Because it’s everyone. It sounds very philosophical, but it’s just so true.”

Powell's Power Tips:

Invest in influencer marketing

Diversify your brand’s use of social platforms

Remember that it’s about creating community

Invest in digital workflow

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