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Hoping To Make Gains Together, The Vitamin Shoppe And WW Strike A Partnership

Forbes | January 5, 2021

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, The Vitamin Shoppe and WW are launching a partnership that spans co-branded nutritional supplements, select member-favorite WW snacks and protein boosters sold at The Vitamin Shoppe, and the opportunity to purchase WW memberships through the onmichannel nutritional products specialty retailer.

As the coronavirus pandemic brought illness and disease to the forefront of the national conversation, personal health and wellness, for many consumers, took on a new sense of urgency. “At WW, we’re always exploring new ways to democratize wellness through products, tools and livable solutions,” said Grossman.

WW by the Vitamin Shoppe Daily Essentials daily pack consists of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including vitamin C, magnesium, omega-3, and L-theanine, $29.99 for 30 daily packs.

WW by the Vitamin Shoppe Daily Essentials + Heart Health daily pack combines the nutritional supplements in the Daily Essentials pack with alpha lipoic acid and ubiquinol to help support cardiovascular health, $46.99 for 30 packs.

WW is offering through The Vitamin Shoppe a package that includes a three-month digital membership to its myWW+ program, starter fee and starter guide, for $59.99, $82.85 if purchased separately, a comprehensive approach to wellness through an interactive and personalized app.

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