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Home Depot Makes A Loyalty Play With New Kids Program

Business Insider | October 22, 2020

The home improvement giant is lavishing attention on a future generation of consumers with minimal spending power: children, with the goal of instilling a love of building, renovating and repairing that will carry through to adulthood.

More than 20 years after offering its first workshop for kids, The Home Depot is launching a new educational video series, Virtual Field Trips, with accompanying DIY projects, for the millions of students across the U.S. who are attending school remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Field Trips, created by The Home Depot, and featuring suppliers, provide a learning resource and give parents who are struggling to keep their kids engaged another source of entertainment. “We have a team of experts that create DIY content for kids and partner with suppliers and organizations such as Discovery Education,” said Lisa DeStefano, vice president of brand marketing and creative.

“Virtual Field Trips will kick off with The Home Depot’s supplier Bonnie Plants in October and follow with Back to the Roots in November,” said DeStefano. “Bonnie Plants is providing children with an engaging, high-level view into its process, from plant genetics to supply chain. We’re excited to partner with them to inspire the next generation of doers.”

A variety of resources with unique content and project guides for making everything from tree swings and bird houses, to pressing flowers and creating zinnia bouquets out of pine cones can be found at

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