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Healthcare DTC Startup Ro Launches at Walmart

Retail Dive | May 4, 2021

As big-box retailers continue to ink partnerships with DTC brands, Walmart is looking to elevate its health and wellness aisle. Healthcare technology company Ro launched its exclusive Roman men's over-the-counter products at 4,600 Walmart locations and on Walmart's website.

Ro debuts a line of vitamins and supplements for heart health, stress relief, testosterone support and prostate health, as well as swipes and condoms. Roman products will be at 97% of Walmart stores in the U.S. by June. Walmart customers will also have the option to take advantage of Ro's telehealth services for additional healthcare needs.

"We know people are starting their healthcare journeys in a number of places," George Koveos, Ro's chief operations officer, said in a statement. "For some, it's in a doctor's office or online through a telehealth visit. For others, it may be in their local Walmart or retail pharmacy."

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