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Gucci, Vans Team up For Roblox Scavenger Hunt

Retail Dive | April 17, 2023

Luxury fashion brand Gucci and skate-shoe company Vans are joining forces on Roblox to introduce younger consumers to luxury goods through a familiar brand. While many brands have begun to back off of the platform due to privacy and other concerns, the Gucci and Vans activation shows that there is still interest in Roblox and potentially the metaverse as a whole.

From now until May 13, Roblox users are encouraged to explore the newly linked digital worlds for the chance to win exclusive avatar items. While Gucci, which is considered to be a high-end retailer, may seem inaccessible to many, Vans is at a price point many feel more comfortable with. The collaboration introduces Gucci to Van’s consumers while also associating Vans with luxury.

The Roblox experience continues a pre-existing partnership between the two brands. Previously, Vans participated in Gucci Continuum, which allows invited designers, brands and artists to reinterpret past Gucci pieces or deadstock fabric and encourages cross-brand collaborations.

Both fashion brands have a long standing presence on the platform. Gucci Town was launched in May 2022 and has served as a place for branded events, including a takeover by Miley Cyrus, who is also the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign spokesperson. Vans has been on Roblox since September 2021 and was among the earliest brands to adopt the platform.

Roblox has undergone scrutiny in recent months over privacy and child safety concerns that led it to revise its advertising policies. Amid the attention, Walmart wound down its Universe of Play after it came under fire for stealth marketing to kids. The current tech rout has impacted metaverse marketing at several major firms, but many brands are still experimenting with the technology. The collaboration between Vans and Gucci proves the strategy still has weight and interest.

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