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Everything You Need To Know About Nate Berkus’ New Home Collection

Forbes | February 7, 2023

“I believe a home should tell a story— where you’ve been, who you love, what really matters to you,” said Nate Berkus, the celebrity home designer and co-host of “The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project” on HGTV, told me in a telephone interview. “The Nate Home by Nate Berkus product line helps you tell your story with beautiful fabrics, superior design, and timeless style.”

Unlike his peers, Berkus said he wasn’t itching to design a home collection. He’d been there and done that already with Target Corp. in 2012 with The Nate Berkus Collection, which was sold exclusively at Target stores and The signature home collection featured 150 different items, including bedding, bath, accessories, lighting, rugs and window treatments for $5.99 to $149.99.

Nate Home by Nate Berkus is also gently priced. The line launched yesterday at mDesign Home Decor, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, Belk and Bed Bath & Beyond. “I didn’t want to deal with one company’s idea of how to market it,” Berkus said. “I didn’t want to deal with a corporate structure. I wanted to design what I considered best-in-class for the price.”

“Nate’s eye for design — one that balances everyday functionality with an elevated, timeless style — is truly unmatched and one that consumers seek,” said Susan Lizan-Immerman, CEO and cofounder of mDesign. “We’re thrilled to be able to leverage our manufacturer and retailer relationships to bring Nate Home nationwide and we can’t wait to see how customers style these products within their homes.”

Berkus sees the collection as elevated essentials that create a sense of relaxed luxury. The pieces are timeless and can be layered and built upon. There’s thoughtful details and different textures throughout. Most importantly, he said, the products represent quality. Berkus rejected the idea that there are any similarities between him and Marie Kondo, who’s brought an awareness of home organization to the public. “I don’t think there’s much in common between Marie and I, other than we both fundamentally believe that organization is one of the keys to living well.

Berkus believes that basics are the underpinning of a home. Without them, no amount of money can make a home look good. “Who cares about the wallpaper or the night tables or the beautiful vintage lamps you found at the flea market or estate sale,” he said. “If your bedding isn’t right and you’re spending all this money at the makeup counter at Saks Fifth Avenue or online, and the towel you’re using every morning doesn’t feel good to you, then what are we doing?”

Asked where he gets his inspiration, Berkus said, “Starting from zero when you’re designing a collection that’s this vast, you have to ask yourself some really important questions. and I asked myself, what are the three tent pole moments or things that matter to me.” The first one is history. Berkus believes it’s his responsibility as a designer to understand design and architecture from the past, and to have an encyclopedic knowledge of furniture makers, architects, important buildings and rooms.

“That continues to inspire me,” Berkus said. “The collection was born from looking back on what’s classic and what’s tried and true. Stripes, herringbones, plaids and chambray are materials we know and love. They’re not interpreted in a new way, they’re edited, because I want these things to look 10 years from now.”

Nate Home consists of five collections – from essential bedding and bath items to organizing solutions – all designed to create a look that feels custom-made for your home. The collections include, Nate Home Essentials: bed and bath basics featuring soft and tactile fabrics; The Passport collection, inspired by Berkus’ wanderlust and world travels, it consists of bedding and bath products that feature block prints, mixed patterns and hand-crafted techniques, that will add a well-traveled feel to any space.

The Eras Collection takes its cues from history and is about curating accents that speak to your own personal style; The TerraLUNA3 -3.9% Collection embraces a combination of patterns, textures and colors found in nature, and The Home Organization Collection features architectural details and solutions for personalized storage solutions perfect for any space. There’s a lot of hand-blocking and prints Berkus created for the brand. He also said he gets ideas from “God’s work — nature. “What colors are combined in nature is an endless opportunity,” he said. “The inspiration boards for that grouping were probably the most complicated to whittle down and edit because there’s just so much out there.

Much of the collection was influenced by what Berkus saw and experienced in Portugal, Mexico, and Peru. There are a few products that are “almost classic Italian or Italian-inspired or French 19th century,” Berkus said. “For example, there’s a very soft floral pattern in the collection that could have been Napoleonic.”

The Viennese Secessionist movement of the turn of the century, shows up in the home organization items. “I’ve always had this fascination with that movement. There’s almost a Josef Hoffmann-esq pattern to some of the bins I hope people will put their cereal in,” Berkus said of the Austrian-Moravian architect. “As a designer, my eyes are always open. How that’s interpreted in what I create is always a moving target.”

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