DTC Brand Native Launches Hair Care Line

Retail Dive | February 3, 2021

As with many DTC brands, Native is broadening its product selections. Expanding into new categories is a growing trend among e-commerce brands, as is partnering with big-box retailers to make products available in physical stores. Personal care brand Native announced their release of its first hair care line.

The new collection became available exclusively at Target stores nationwide on Monday, including shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. In its release, Native said the products in the new collection are made from 10 or less "good-for-you ingredients that you can pronounce and understand." The line comes in three variations: Coconut & Vanilla Moisturizing, Cucumber & Mint Volumizing and Almond & Shea Butter Strengthening.

Native said the new line's production happened as a result of a community request for "natural and trusted" hair product options. The company chose the scents based on the brand's most popular deodorant products.

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