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Dollar General Finds Growth Path by Meeting Shopper Needs

WWD | May 3, 2021

Last year was tough for many retailers and brands that were forced to temporarily close physical stores due to the pandemic. But for Dollar General, 2020 was a year of growth with 1,000 new stores opened. Emily Taylor, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Dollar General, shares the retailer’s growth story.

"We’ve been delivering growth numbers, but equally impressive is our continued increase in productivity in our existing stores. That happens not by accident, but with a focused intent on growing the business, which starts with understanding our customer and really focusing the business to deliver what she needs in a targeted fashion for the long-term," Taylor shares.

Remaining open throughout the pandemic, Dollar General adjusted to changing demands quickly. The small footprint stores and low prices drove relevancy to continue meeting customers needs. As one of the first retailers to put senior hours in place at the start of the day, its also one of the first retailers to also make it easier for employees to be vaccinated.

Dollar General recently announced a planned acceleration of 20 additional Popshelf stores during its 2021 fiscal year — which brings the total planned stores to 50. This store format offers $5 or less products to stand out in the marketplace. This solves the need for non-consumable shopping destinations as a fun, affordable experience with seasonal and home décor products.

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