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Customers are Planning Differently for Thanksgiving — and Walmart is Ready

Walmart Corporate News | October 20, 2020

When it comes to grocery, the weekend before Thanksgiving is typically a busy one as shoppers across the country begin to prepare. This year, the sprint to Thanksgiving is likely going to be spread over a greater number of days, and the largest turkey in the freezer is less likely to be the star.

COVID-19 continues to reshape how people shop and celebrate traditions this holiday season. According to Butterball, the number of consumers who plan to host extended family and friends for Thanksgiving has dropped from 30% during a typical year to 26% this year while those who plan to celebrate only with immediate family has risen from 21% to 31%.

Regardless of how customers plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, Walmart's committed to ensuring our customers can find what they want earlier in the season, all at affordable prices. Plenty of whole turkeys will be available, but this year, Walmart's increased their assortment of bone-in and boneless turkey breasts by 20-30% in stores across the country. Following Easter, ham sales peaked and Walmart's increased their inventory as they see that trend continuing into Thanksgiving dinner.

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