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COVID-19: Where Are We Headed?

With the spread of coronavirus amongst the United States, several predicted global trends have been forced to be fast-tracked. How will people's behaviors evolve and what will they expect from retail post-coronavirus era?

Here is a glance at a few of our predicted shifts post-COVID-19,

  • As people move into a state of survival mode, this will drive consumer preferences towards products with attributes that reflect a sense of safety and security

  • People will expect a re-evaluation of what time well spent looks like and will increasingly prioritize time affluence

  • Consumers will have an increased depth of connection with their local community

  • Brands and retailers will tap into AR’s immersive world amid today's ever-increasing uncertainty and fluctuating economies

  • With increased health concerns due to coronavirus, consumers will place personal wellness top of mind

  • As consumers have increasingly relied on delivery services, expectations on speed of delivery and the kind of delivery experience they receive will rapidly evolve

  • Sustainability as a personal priority is declining in importance, as people prioritize their health, consumers will demand businesses and government to stand up in aid of their long-term needs for a sustainable future

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