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COVID-19 Impact: Target CEO Addresses Soaring Digital Sales, Safety Protocols During Pandemic

CBS | April 28, 2020

“Clearly, as people spent more time at home and were getting advice to avoid being out in public, we started seeing digital sales soar,” Brian Cornell said. “In March, they grew over 100%, but in April, growing over 275%.”

Cornell says it’s part of changes that consumers are making right now as they combat the virus and focus on their own health and safety.As far as safety of Target’s employees during the pandemic, Cornell says the company has made big investments in team pay and benefits, as well as investments to improve their safety. Cornell says Target has also invested heavily in the safety of guests who visit their stores. “We have put up plexiglass shields at the check lane as you’re checking out of our stores, there’s decals on the floor making sure people provide that 6 feet of space that’s so necessary right now,” he said. Target does monitor the number of guests inside their stores.

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