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Costco Is Opening Up To 28 Stores This Year

Business Insider | January 12, 2022

Costco plans to open up to 28 stores in 2022.

Costco, the warehouse chain, which operates 828 stores globally, plans to spend $4 billion in 2022, using the money to beef up its logistics business and grow its store network. Though the majority of its stores are located in the US, it is also present in Canada, Mexico, parts of Europe, and Asia and has been steadily growing in these regions. Costco, which sells products in bulk at discounted prices, was a stockpilers paradise in the early days of the pandemic and has reported strong sales growth ever since, maintaining its reputation as one of the brightest spots in the retail sector. The chain is also benefiting from the current inflationary environment in which consumers favor deals and discounts. The company encourages customers to keep coming back to stores by offering in-store services such as a pharmacy or optician along with cheap gas and a treasure hunt shopping experience.

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