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Connected Packaging Presents An All-New Creative Opportunity For Retailers

Forbes | October 26, 2021

The retail experience today is both physical and digital, in almost every way. The new Connected Experience Report 2021, released by SharpEnd, shows that connected packaging is the next big trend in retail technology to shift the connections between consumers and brands.

Connected packaging refers regular packaging transforming into a digital experience, by scanning, tapping with consumer devices to provide an opportunity for brands to connect with customers, while collecting invaluable customer data. This could be through incorporating QR codes, augmented reality animations, tapping a product using NFC technology, image recognition, and more.

As a side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, technology is less of a barrier to entry than it once was, with customers now more familiar than ever with using QR codes in daily life. According to the SharpEnd report, 74% of respondents in the US said that they would be willing to take the time to work out how to engage with a product via their smartphone. Customers are eager to interact in order to get added value from their products and packaging. Now, retailers must invest time in connected packaging to gain the same benefits back from their customers.

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