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Comfort is Still in Style, Lululemon Survey Says

WWD | September 20, 2021

Lululemon Athletica, athletic apparel and accessories-maker revealed the results of a new survey today on evolving attitudes toward workplace apparel. We know people want to be comfortable, 96% of consumers in fact. Now, 81% of consumers hope for casual styles as a greater part of professional office attire post-pandemic. Most participants in the survey (86%) said they want their employer to judge them based on the quality of their work, rather than outfit choices. Meanwhile, 82% said they want to purchase apparel that can be worn both in and out of the office.

Being able to wear comfortable apparel while at work, the survey says, improves performance and confidence, helps create connections among colleagues, fosters individual style and offers opportunities for versatility among clothing.

“Wearing clothes that make you feel good is non-negotiable,” said Sun Choe, Lululemon chief product officer. “The data provides a long overdue recognition that professional workwear can and should be functional, versatile and comfortable. As a brand that designs for feel, Lululemon is uniquely suited to deliver what consumers need and want today.”

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