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Checking in on Target’s Holiday Supply Chain Strategy

A Bullseye View | October 12, 2021

As unprecedented supply chain challenges continue to impact retailers and industries across the globe, including the situation at our nation’s ports, Target is ready to deliver the easy, inspirational holiday shopping experience guests love. From the work of supply chain and inventory teams, inventory is up substantially over the same time last year.

Large investments in operations and stores-as-fulfillment hubs have been a key part so Target guests can find what they need. This includes its advancements in restocking technology, and adding supply chain facilities - two new distribution centers this year and four new sortation centers. Along with plans to hire more than 30,000 year-round supply chain team members.

Target is running 24/7 supply chain operations, including at the ports, which allows it to pick up containers in less than 24 hours, helping clear the way for other freight. And in Los Angeles and Long Beach, Target is currently moving about 50% of its containers at night, hoping to increase that amount by 10% over the next 90 days.

Target proudly joins the White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force and the National Shipper Advisory Committee at the Federal Maritime Commission to support holistic solutions for the United States’ supply chain.

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