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Celebrating the Creators, Artists and Founders Behind Target’s 2022 Latino Heritage Month Collection

Target | September 9, 2022

Latino Heritage Month is almost here, and the Bullseye has lots for Target's guests to be excited about. On top of Target's year-round offerings (more on that below), they're kicking off the celebration with this year’s exclusive Latino Heritage Month collection. Think: more than 90 Latino-owned and founded finds, from apparel and accessories and books to movies, music, games, food and more, as well as only-at-Target creations designed by Latino artists. Plus, Target is partnering with JZD, a lifestyle brand that celebrates Latina community and culture, on apparel and accessories exclusively for Latino Heritage Month.

All in, Target's goal is to show recognition to Latino communities during Latino Heritage Month and beyond — offering products that bring guests joy while spotlighting Latino-owned and founded brands.

Target supports and empowers Latino brands, businesses and creators year-round through philanthropic partnerships, donations and grants to local communities with large Latino populations. And Target's “Más Que” (“More Than”) meets-the-eye marketing campaign uplifts Latino voices and brands through authentic storytelling all year.

Want to show your support as you shop? Check out Target's always-on Más Que hub on, spotlighting Latino-owned and founded businesses. And keep an eye out for the “Latino-owned” digital icons when shopping online to identify and support the brands you love.

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