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Brands Paying You to Wear Their Clothes

Fast Company | January 6, 2021

For decades, fashion brands have convinced customers to buy new clothes constantly. But today, fashion brands are persuading, or even paying their customers to wear clothes they already own.

Aday invited 600 customers to wear outfits they’ve already purchased from the brand and will pay them between $25 and $75 in credit. Wool&Prince offered customers who wear the same dress or button-down shirt for a 100 days straight a $100 gift card. Menswear brand L’Estrange London challenged customers to repeatedly wear seven items in its core collection for the chance to win back the cost of the garments.

Fashion’s large environmental footprint comes down to the volume of clothes it produces. With more than 100 billion garments made every year, using eco-friendly materials is not going to cut it if the industry continues overproducing.

“I think there’s an awareness that fast fashion may not be around forever, and brands need to start thinking about other ways to structure a fashion company.” - Faulhaber

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