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As Interest In Toys And Games Grows, Advertisers Seize Opportunity

Updated: May 13, 2020

National Retail Federation | May 7, 2020

"With more time at home and boredom setting in, toy sales are up. Data from the National Retail Federation’s weekly consumer poll for April 22 showed that 59 percent of consumers are purchasing toys — up from 42 percent in March.

That aligns with research from ad sales intelligence business MediaRadar, which found that toy and game companies were spending 2.5 times more on advertising. In March, toy and game companies spent $7.1 million per week, according to the analysis; 89 percent came from children’s toys and games, specifically. For comparison, advertising for toys and games averaged $2.8 million per week in February."

With these recent surges in sales, toy companies of all types are investing heavily in advertising with the goal of capturing their audience and winning in the marketplace.

Read the full article here.

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