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Americans Are Feeling Better Than You Think this Winter

Fast Company | January 16, 2021

According to an exclusive new Fast Company-Harris poll, 75% say they’re feeling about the same or better in 2021 compared to how they felt previously during this time of year. And people who normally contend with seasonal depression are twice as likely to say they’re feeling better this year versus previous years.

Experts say after all of 2020's challenges, it could be reminding people to appreciate what they have in life. “When you can’t see family members or friends, it makes everyone realize how much they value those times. Some things we were taking for granted, we now see how important they are and we are grateful” says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Among the activities to boost their moods, Americans are binge-watching TV shows and movies (40%), hanging out with family and friends (37%), reading books (35%), spending more time with a significant other (35%), and exercising more often (28%). This year, 21% are seeking professional help for their seasonal blues versus 19% in the past.

“Happiness is a practice, not a destination. We don’t ever just arrive at happiness. We work on it our whole life. We don’t get to happy and then, we’re done,” she says.

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