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Amazon's Dash Cart Offers Another Version of Checkout-Free Technology

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Retail Dive | July 15, 2020

The Dash Cart is the latest example of how Amazon is using its technology muscle to stand apart from established retail competitors as it builds out its grocery and convenience store footprint. And it comes at a time when quick, contactless shopping is of the utmost importance to consumers.

While other retailers are offering scan-and-go programs that require shoppers to scan each product barcode as an alternative to conventional checkout lanes, the Dash Cart recognizes each item as it's placed inside the cart, flashing a white light and emitting a beep to indicate the item has been logged. The system logs the purchase using the credit card shoppers have on file with Amazon and emails a receipt. The cart, which is designed to hold two grocery bags, can also integrate Alexa shopping lists and scan coupons.

Because the main components of Dash Cart are the smart carts and a special checkout lane, the system appears to be portable. That means Amazon could bring the smart carts to its roughly 500 Whole Foods stores, which have struggled to excite shoppers since the e-commerce giant took over in 2017. Amazon could also effectively license the technology to other retailers, as it's doing with its cashierless tech.

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