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Amazon Prime Day Reaches $11 Billion in Sales; Order Size Falls 18%

CSA | June 23, 2021

The numbers are starting to come in for Amazon Prime Day 2021. Total online revenue surpassed $10.9 billion in online revenue recorded on Cyber Monday, the largest single online shopping day in U.S. history. The first day of Prime Day is the biggest online sales day in the U.S. for 2021 so far, followed by the second day. However data from Numerator shows the average Prime Day order size was $44.75, down 18% from $54.64 on Prime Day 2020 and 24% less than $58.91 on Prime Day 2019. “U.S. retailers continued to benefit from strong shopping momentum on the second Prime Day, catapulting total online spend to $11 billion for both days,” said Taylor Schreiner, director, Adobe Digital Insights. “This is despite relatively muted discounts across most categories, suggesting that there’s a pent-up demand for online shopping as consumers look forward to a return to normalcy. The halo effect of Prime Day also played a significant role, giving both large and small online retailers significant revenue lifts at 29% and 21% respectively.”

And in good news for Amazon from a customer loyalty perspective, Numerator data shows that over half of Prime Day buyers only considered Amazon for their purchase. Following 26% considered Walmart/, 21% considered Target/, 10% considered club stores, 9% considered department stores, 8% considered Best Buy/, and 7% considered grocery stores.

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