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Amazon Opening New Amazon Go Store 'closer to home' for Shoppers

USA Today | January 25, 2022

Amazon Go is moving to the suburbs. The tech giant said it plans to open a new type of store aimed at serving customers in suburban-area locations. The first one will open in Mill Creek, Washington, in the coming months. Amazon also plans to open a second Go store in the Los Angeles area.

Like other Go stores, the location will leverage technology allowing customers to make purchases without ever interacting with a cashier. Using the Amazon app, you scan to enter, then pick your items. When customers walk out, they are charged for the items purchased through the app.

The company has Amazon Go stores in four states, mostly in downtown metropolitan areas including New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Amazon said the new suburban Go stores will offer snacks, everyday essentials, beverages and grab-and-go food items. Last November, Amazon introduced a new concept store with Starbucks, combining the retailer's Go shopping tech with Starbucks Pickup to let consumers shop cashier-free. The store also features a modern lounge with individual workspaces as well as larger tables with power outlets and USB ports.

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