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Amazon Officially Confirms it will Hold a 2nd 'Prime Day' Sales Event in October

Insider | September 26, 2022

Amazon is doubling up its usual "Prime Day" sales bonanza by hosting another sales event for its Prime subscription members in October, the retail giant announced in a press release Monday. The sales event, which will run through October 11 and 12, will be called the "Prime Early Access Sale" and feature a list of 100 "popular and giftable items" per Amazon's press release.

Insider's Eugene Kim reported in June that Amazon was planning an October deals event after viewing messages sent by Amazon to sellers about the event, but confirmation only arrived Monday. The documents reported by Insider called the Early Access Sale a "high velocity" sales event designed to reward people who are signed up to Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime.

Amazon is already famous for Prime Day, which takes place in July. The October timing of the Early Access Sale means Amazon will be throwing the sales event right before it heads into its busy holiday season, known internally as "peak." Amazon increased the annual price of its Prime membership in February by $20 in the US, and announced in July it was raising prices in several European countries by as much as 43%.

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