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A Madewell And ThredUP Thrift Store Grows In Brooklyn

Forbes | September 28, 2021

Madewell and ThredUP have collaborated to open A Circular Store in Brooklyn. All products in the store are pre-used items from the Madewell brand, sourced by ThredUP. It’s a limited edition extension of the online Madewell Forever resale experience and marks the first time consumers can shop a full assortment of pre-owned Madewell, mend and tailor clothes and pass them on responsibly, all in one place.

The temporary brick and mortar store is filled with hundreds of styles ranging in price from $10 to $40. Education is at the forefront of the store informing customers about fashion waste and how-to maintain a circular wardrobe. Inspiring displays and touchpoints in the store encourage extending the life of garments. QR codes at each station offer a deeper dive into how to buy, wear, care for, and pass on your clothes for the health of the planet.

“We launched A Circular Store to reflect the future of circular fashion,” said Pooja Sethi, senior vice president and general manager of Retail as a Service, or RaaS, at ThredUP. “It’s one in which we reuse more than we produce new, and extend the life of clothes by making clothes to last, shopping secondhand, mending, and passing clothes on responsibly.

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