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6 Predictions For Back-To-School Spending, And How Staples, Walmart And Others Act

Forbes | August 17, 2020

Back to-school season is upon us, and parents are learning a lot about the science of prediction. The shifting sentiments that come with it should cause retailers to exercise new actions when it comes to building the right customer experiences.

Because states and communities are enforcing varying guidelines on schooling, a single retailer can find it is marketing to dozens of sharply different needs. These six findings speak to those anticipated needs, which some retailers are already acing.

1. Uncertainty’s learning curve.

2. The price of being a teacher.

3. Big-ticket items compute.

4. The pandemic is adding to traditions.

5. Home-schooling changes fashion.

6. Stores will be history.

This school year will be a case study in perseverance – and creativity – for every party involved, from the brands that make the goods retailers sell to the students who use them. So far, many in the retail industry have proven they can adapt quickly.

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