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3 Tips to Succeed In the Future Grocery Supply Chain

RIS News | December 10, 2020

Covid-19 has caused retailers to see a surge in consumer demand for grocery products, resulting in pivoting strategies and leveraging digital technologies to meet customer demand. Grocery supply chain must also adapt in technology and tools to meet lasting change. Here's how:

First, they must be open to change and ready to pivot. Supply chain teams will have to work in new ways to deliver products and maximize network capacity. Teams will evolve while also integrating artificial intelligence to help improve efficiencies across the supply chain.

Second, people and technology are the key to success. The supply chain requires the right blend of hardworking people who can quickly learn to work with advanced tools that will help them make smarter forecasting decisions, replenish products and transport everything to the stores and delivery points.

Third, meet customer expectations by leaning into the rise of omnichannel. For major grocers and other retailers, many are operating extensive supply chain systems that are decades old. At the same time, Covid-19 accelerated consumer preferences for e-commerce. Grocery e-commerce is here to stay, so it will be important to create a supply chain that will support a common experience across all formats.

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